Websites for Grades 6-12

Here’s some great STEM websites for grades 6-12

Free Science Websites For Grades 6-12

Biology Corner

From worksheets to videos, Biology Corner has resources for biology, AP biology, and anatomy. (This is from a secular perspective though)

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a fantastic website that helps break down math and science through videos. If you’re struggling with a certain subject, Khan Academy is a great way

Hippo Campus

Hippo Campus finds free videos from other sites and compiles them on one simple website. They have 13 categories; including mostly math and science.

Biology Junction

Focused on AP Biology, this site lists free AP Biology resources, from Powerpoint lectures to study guides.

Chem Tutor

Chemistry can be difficult; but Chem Tutor helps break it down. It has broken-down sections for the math involved in chemistry, reactions, the Periodic table, and more.


Having trouble with a chemical equation? Enter it in here for instant answers! You can use structure files, systematic names, trade names, registry names, and SMILES.

Chemistry – About is full of resources simple explained for today’s generation. Many of their resources or more textbook-free fun projects exploring some of the more everyday aspects of chemistry, but they do have many chemistry lesson gems.


Welcome to this dynamic periodic table! Click on an element to send you directly to the Wikipedia site. They also have many features so you can show the table with different factors; such as labelled by melting point, boiling point, and more. Plus, it lists a ton of compounds for each element!

Science Notes

I love interactive STEM websites. Like the above link, this site also has an interactive Periodic Table. Plus, it has free, colorful Periodic Tables you can print, and some other fun resources.

Periodic Table

Visual and interactive learner? When you click on each element of the Periodic Table, it leads you to fun images associated with that element, plus has stories and facts to help each element stick.

Periodic Videos

Periodic Videos is great for bringing a visual element to the elements. Once you click on a video with this STEM website, it leads you to a video on that element.

Memrise’s Periodic Table

Memrise is best known for its foreign language resources. It is an app/site that associates each word, or in this case element, with an image. It was co-founded by world memory competitor Ed Cooke, who was featured in the New York Times bestseller Moonwalking With Einstein. With the method of loci “memory palace” system best known for its use in Sherlock, you can mentally file these images to help memorize the Periodic Table in order. Crazy, and it works. With Memrise, I was able to memorize the Periodic Table in a week.

Other resources:

Mystery of Matter – in this three-part series narrated by Michael Emerson of Lost and Person of Interest, this docudrama takes you through the search of the elements, how the Periodic Table came to be, and how each element got their name. Great series I really enjoyed!

Bio Man Biology – learn about biology with this free website game and app! Learn about cells, body systems, and life chemistry.

Science Without a Textbook – explore 30+ ways to teach science without a textbook, in a way students of every learning style can learn how to love science.

These 40+ free STEM websites: science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are for grades 6-12, and great for teaching STEM.

Free Math Websites For Grades 6-12

The Math Page

The Math Page probably saved my life during high school. They offer free courses for algebra, trig, geometry, and precalculus – all broken down with simplified text and visuals.

Purple Math

Written by a woman with a Master’s degree in Mathematics, I’ve always enjoyed the way Purple Math breaks things down. She has resources for 5th grade to 12th, college math, and specialized test prep.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is free, and specializes in high-quality videos for upper-level math. The only thing I didn’t really like about Khan Academy, was for some of my upper-level homeschool math, often Khan Academy would explain the basics, but they didn’t have resources for some of the more complex versions! But, Khan Academy is one of the top STEM websites out there.

Algebra Help

Algebra Help is filled with worksheets, lessons, and calculators designed to make a little easier for students to learn. Putting in equations will give you instant answers, as well as a detailed explanation.

Wolfram Alpha

Type in your question, get instant results for Wolfram Alpha. This is one of my favorite free homeschool math resources!


Select your subject (algebra, trig, precalculus, calculus, etc.) and get instant answers with Mathway’s calculator.

Quick Math

Enter your tricky math formulas into Quick Math for instant answers, as it simplifies your equation.

Math Drills

Math Drills has over 50,000 free math worksheets on a huge list of subjects!

Math Warehouse

Math is a key piece of STEM, including coding. Find a variety of free math worksheets for upper-level mathematics.

Kuta Software

Kuta Software has many customizable paid worksheets with their purchase plan, but they also have many helpful free worksheets!

Soft Schools

Soft Schools has mostly elementary level resources, but includes quite a bit of upper-level math worksheets, including some AP prep quizzes.

Ed Helper

Grab these upper-level math worksheets, mostly designed in a fun game format.

These 40+ free STEM websites: science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are for grades 6-12, and great for teaching STEM.

Free Tech Websites for Grades 6-12

eGFI – Dream Up Your Future

eGFI is dedicated to encouraging STEM for grades K-12. They have resources for kids, as well as professionals in a variety of STEM fields.

Code Academy

One of the best STEM websites, Code Academy is an incredible free site that has coding courses. Their courses include HTML and CSS, Ruby, Python, Java Script, jQuery, PHPs, and APIs. is a site designed to teach students how to code. Their site has resources, plus gives links to tutorial apps, extra helpful videos, and more.


Whenever I have questions about HTML code, W3schools is normally my #1 source. One of my favorite STEM websites, their site provides coding tutorials mainly for web developers.


I heard about Alice from the bittersweet The Last Lecture, written by a computer science Carnegie Mellon professor. Alice is educational software that teaches students computer programming in a 3D environment. It is a student-led project designed by Carnegie Mellon, and is free.

Khan Academy

If you’re a Khan Academy fan, they also have free computer science resources. Classes include HTML, CSS, SQL, and Java Script.

Code School

Code School has 61 interactive coding courses, and nearly 3000 coding challenges. You can get started for free, but plans are $14-$30 a month. (In addition, they have sales throughout the year.)

Science | How Stuff Works

How Stuff Works can often bring in the practical side of learning. Explore different innovations, and how they’re being used today!

For students interested in aerospace, check out NASA’s websites for rich, picture-heavy resources.

Engineer Your Life

Engineer Your Life explores the careers of women who use STEM to change the world. I’m not a fan of their girls-only slant, but enjoy the fact it has some great career resources and ideas for those interested in STEM.


Students from K-12 under 21 (including homeschool students) can enter Toshiba’s technology contest, ExploraVision, aimed at inventing new technology to help make our world better. Prizes include Toshiba PCs, and four first prize teams will receive a savings bond worth $10,000.

Google Science Fair

Google Science Fair is a worldwide online science competition open up to students ages 13-18. The grand prize is $50,000; and they also have other $15,000 scholarships.

Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference

Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference (also known as WWDC) is an annual conference that unveil’s Apple’s latest technology. Apple grants scholarships to students worldwide to attend the event. To qualify, you must submit an Apple app that you coded and developed yourself.

Other resources:

Creation Crate – The Creation Crate encourages technology and building (engineering) with their monthly “creation crate” science kit. These science kits are unique in that they require a function that uses programming in order to work.

Free Technology Websites for Grades 6-12

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